Magnetic Wink Wink


Band | Cotton

Volume | ★★★☆☆

Length | Medium: 10 - 16 mm

Magnetic Strip 12 on each side

Wears | Approximately 50 times

Our EXTRA collection of lashes are now magnetic! Don't forget to line your eye line with our magnetic liner and voila, you can put on and take off your magnetic lashes as many as 50 times! This collection of lashes in this range are meant to turn heads, turn up the heat and volume - both physically and metaphorically, conveniently. Ultra glamorous yet comfortable, they can bring you from night to day, and remove your lashes before sleep and click your lashes back onto the magnetic liner the next morning.

  • 12 Micro-Magnet on each strip
  • Must be used with Click Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner
  • Reusable up to 50 Wears with proper care


Your day is over, or your special event has come to an end, now it’s time to properly remove your lashes so they can live to see another day of beauty.


Gently remove Click Magnetic Lashes by securing the outer corner of the lash band between two fingertips Then gently pull across the eyelid towards the inner corner of lash band to fully remove the lash. To ensure maximum longevity of lashes, follow below instructions to clean & store.


To best remove Magnetic Eyeliner from the eyelid, use a cotton ball soaked with waterproof makeup remover, or any oil-based cleanser; apply directly to the skin. Allow to sit for 5-10 seconds and then gently wipe away. Follow up with a makeup wipe or additional cotton ball if residue of eyeliner remains.


To store lashes, return each lash to the magnetic strip on the tray insert found within the original packaging and return to box. This will help to maintain the overall shape and curl of the lashes as well as prevent dirt or debris from coming into contact with lashes while being stored.


When properly cared for your Mink Mink Magnetic lashes, they are reusable around 50 times

TIP: To to increase the longevity and maintain the original style of your Mink Mink lashes, do not apply mascara directly on them. Instead, apply mascara to your natural lashes first, allow it to dry, then apply your Mink Mink lashes.

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