1. Expanding MINK Eyelash Range

We currently have 3 collections of mink lashes in our store with more collections/styles to come. The current collections are:

2. MINK Loyalty Program

We have introduced a Loyalty program to reward our loyal customers! You will receive points for every dollar spent which goes towards your future purchases. For more information about our rewards program, please click here!

    3. Competitive Pricing

    Our prices are competitive amongst all our competitors and we believe our lashes & products are all fairly priced. In addition, it does NOT mean we skimp on quality nor providing great customer service. So be sure to browse through our collections & social feeds and see the positive feedback! We also offer FREE national & international shipping for orders over $80 and $110 respectively.

    4. Quick Delivery Times

    Depending on where you are located around the globe, our delivery times are can be as quick as 2 business days after your order has been processed. We do same day processing if orders are placed prior to 9:00am AEST so your order can be sent out as soon as possible. Although we cannot guarantee 100% this is always the case (given some busy periods during the year) deliveries generally are between 2 - 8 business days. Please note during festive and holiday periods, shipping may take longer than usual, therefore please take this into consideration prior to ordering.

    5. Exceptional Customer Service

    We strongly believe in responding to all our existing AND potential customer queries in a timely manner because our customers mean everything to us and it is the reason why we have implemented communications via our website, email, live chat, Instagram (@officialminkmink) and Facebook (@minkminkofficial). We do have specified times for live chat however it does not mean we cannot respond outside of those hours!

    6. Online Support - Live Chat, Email, Instagram, Facebook, Website

    In providing customer service that is second to none, we are here to answer any of your queries and do our best in working through any problems that may arise. We have multiple communication methods, so feel free to contact us whenever, wherever and we'll do our best to respond within hours if not minutes!

    7. Secure Website using PositiveSSL

    Our website is secured through PositiveSSL certificate encryption. You can tell by looking in the web browser address bar and if you notice the letter 's' after 'http' you know it is a secured website. Rest assured our payment methods and website are secure and your information is kept safe and encrypted. So be sure before making any online transactions that the website you are on contains the letter 's' after 'http'. More info about this can be found here:

    8. Multiple Payment Options

    We offer the most popular payment methods that are quick and easy and stress free. Along with our secure website, you can have peace of mind shopping at our online store. The payment methods we accept are: Paypal, Google Pay, all major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard & American Express), zipPay and now Afterpay! BUY NOW, PAY LATER. No Interest. It is as easy as that! For more information please navigate to our zipPay & Afterpay information pages.