Team Mink Mink has only 1 mission in life 

Our customers can go glam or subtle with the highest quality 3D mink false eyelashes of that ensures comfort. And because we've been around since 2017, we know what we're doing. 

So here's our story so far... 

We're talking bald eyelash lines from hard-to-book eye lash extensions appointments, false eyelash that is pretty much self-explanatory from its namesake and discomfort at your eye corners that left you squinting all day.
But our founder, Chelsea, the original wink master, believed that there must be a place where anyone can buy a pair of lashes that looked like so natural and yet felt so comfortable. So, she set about seeding the beginnings of challenging the false eyelashes world.
Relentlessly, she trialed and experimented with various sources of lash hairs and its assembly and applications. Eventually, she created a brand new range of set of mink eyelashes that appealed to the keen eye. 

Mink Mink: 100% hand-made from natural mink fur

Our lashes are naturally wispy because of shedding & hand brushing of the Mink fur - cruelty free, the hair is then sterilized and meticulously put together by hand on a very flexible cotton band. That's how we got lightweight, natural looking and best of all, can be re-usable (up to 25 times*) with *proper maintenance and care false eyelashes.

Championing a passion of inclusion and an eye for al naturale to sassy looks

From our customers here in Australia, Singapore, to Hong Kong, we love that everyone is special and unique. So excited that we have a wide range of false eyelashes of varying lengths, volume, styles, for customers of all eye shapes and sizes on any occasion.

Supportive and constructive Mink Mink community 

And best of all, team Mink Mink is always here to listen to feedback and improve on our products and keep up with trends. 
We thank you for visiting and showing us your love & support. 
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